Voter Integrity


Follow Scott's journey as he begins to deliver blows to the lying, leaking, lawless, lunacy of the Far Left and their ilk. Join with him in his quest to unseat these Marxists from their current control of our County government.

Four for the Election Integrity Core: Phase I
Captain K's Corner
In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent anobscure Army captain and family friend, Meriwether Lewis, on a journey throughthe newly purchased Louisiana Territory, and then into the OregonCountry.  The mission called for finding a navigable water route to thePacific Ocean, and for documenting vegetation, topography, wildlife, bodies ofwater, rivers, and Native peoples along the way.  In short, Jeffersoncommissioned an intelligence operation.  The Lewis and Clark Expedition isdocumented in great detail in Stephen Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage.