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January 13, 2024

I'd Rather Be An American Than A Democrat

What it means to be an American

I’d Rather Be An American Than A Democrat


Americans don’t censor other Americans free speech


Americans don’t abuse the power of government on religious organizations 


Americans don’t use Emergencies to create Mandates not backed by current Constitutional and/or Statutory laws


Americans don’t violate the right to peaceably assemble on public property 


Americans respect other Americans right to keep and bear arms anywhere they wish 


Americans don’t incarcerate other Americans without due process of the law


Americans don’t indoctrinate children in our public schools


Americans don’t allow mutilation of our children’s bodies 


Americans don’t erase our history by tearing down statues 


Americans don’t allow the purposeful destruction of private and public property


Americans don’t free convicted criminals from prison because of overcrowding or mandates


Americans believe there are two letters to define gender: X and Y


American leadership protects our sovereignty by securing our borders and following immigration laws strictly


Americans don’t participate oroperate sex and/or other human trafficking


Americans believe pornography is detrimental to the health of other Americans and should be restricted by law


Americans value human life both inside and outside the human body


Americans believe the sale and/or use of illegal drugs be enforced with the full force of the law 


Americans don’t legalize harmful drugs 


Americans don’t legalize euthanasia 


Americans don’t legalize abortion


Americans value and obey the Constitution in its original intent 


Americans follow the rule of law


Americans value and support our First Responders; fire, police and medical.


Americans value and support our military 


Americans value and support our Veterans 


Americans don’t purposely divide our nation with ideological nonsense like like DEI … er … PIE (Perversity-Inequality-Exclusion) 


Americans respect medical freedom and don’t force medical treatment like masks, social distancing, lockdowns and Emergency Use Authorization inoculations upon other Americans 


Americans objectively report the news as it happens in order for other Americans to choose what to believe


Americans don’t disenfranchise other Americans sacred right to vote by cheating


Americans believe the increase in homelessness is a political football created and used by un-American people for the purpose of money, power, greed and control


Americans don’t enter politics with the intent to profit off other American taxpayers money 


Americans support Israel unequivocally 


Americans don’t persecute other Americans with false accusations and defamation of character 


Americans don’t use identity politics as a measure of a person’s worth or value


Americans don’t marginalize, isolate, persecute and exile other Americans because of skin color


Americans don’t attack other Americans because of their affiliations or candidate choices


Americans don’t weaponize Law Enforcement to silence opposing political views


Americans don’t spy on other Americans 


Americans don’t erase or destroy legal subpoenaed evidence 


Americans don’t raid current and/or former American President’s property


Americans don’t falsely accuse, persecute and prosecute a candidate for President during an election cycle


Americans who are driven by their TDS should be disqualified from public office as it effects their rational, logical and common sense ability to serve We The People


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