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Sani-Flush Public Schools
November 27, 2023

Oregon's Worthless Diplomas

Oregon's Board of Education is like a group of turds that even if you flushed twice would still stick to the sides of the bowl.

High schoolers in Oregon won’t have to pass basic competency in reading, writing or math in order to graduate. So no more top of the class, just one big bottom of the barrel. All thanks to Oregon’s Woke Board of Education. A group of turds that even if you flushed twice would still be stuck to the sides of the bowl. If that's not harsh, making an entire State unemployable sure is. It’s all part of their Strength Through Stupidity Program. Their strength is your stupidity. And giving kids a toilet paper diploma is one great way to force them to vote for a toilet paper Party. It’s not a surprise, it’s Oregon where at Errol Hessel Elementary eye rolling is rooted in White Supremacy. Well if anything deserves one of my colonialist eye rolls, this sure does. As education officials say demonstrating competency disproportionally harms students of color. You think standards marginalizes people, wait until not having them does. Stop telling these kids you think they’re too dumb to master even the basics because they just might believe you. I so admire the children who still do well despite Democrats best efforts. Because when your teachers don’t believe in you it’s a true act of courage to believe in yourself. Officials are also mulling Equity Grading vs the traditional A to F scale. Because nothing leaves Democrats shaking in their ballot harvesting boots quite like a well-educated voter. It’s why Progressives demand no child be any smarter than the dumbest kid at school. Since it’s much easier to wrestle control away from a stupid person than it is a smart one. Former Oregon Gubernatorial candidate, Christine Drazen, said, “The Board of education is also moving forward with an agenda that says if you cheat, you can’t be flunked. If you don’t show up, you don’t get a zero. And there will not be homework that is graded because that would be inequitable.” Board Chair Guadalupe Zapata, aka Zapata, Destroyer of Lives, described any opposition to her Woke agenda as racial superiority arguments. Now would be a good time for one of my colonialist eye rolls.  And so, thanks to Leftists, another generation of children will wind up shackled to poverty. And to the Party that keeps them there.

This is a transcript by journalist/blogger Jeff Ahern. His original Video can be seen on Rumble at


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