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March 8, 2022

Scott's Hand-Up For The Homeless

Cleaning up the homelessness in our area.

  1. County Commissioners issue an Ordinance that requires all county areas occupied currently by Homeless People be cleaned up within 60 days of the issue of such Ordinance.
  2. Authorities are given charge to deliver Eviction Notices in writing to all Homeless in respective areas.  The Eviction Notice advises said Homeless they have 30 days to pick up their belongings and move them to a short-term area designated by the County. County will assist them in this operation. They then register with City Hall or County Office for;  A.) Short Term Homeless Shelter B.   Mental Health Facility C.   One Way ticket to another City in a different State
  3. A Non-Profit organization is formed to work in partnership with the Business community and private citizens for the purpose of raising funds to provide short term housing, assistance for Mental Health and/or provide funds for a one-way ticket out of Deschutes County.

Our thoughts align with Michael Sipe’s plan outlined in this article.

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