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Stop Draining Our Water
March 9, 2022

Water is the lifeblood of Deschutes County. We The People will take back control of it!

Forming the Deschutes Dobermans Water Watchdog Group

1.   Form a Deschutes County Water Watchdog Group (Deschutes Dobermans)

2.   Raise funds to fightback legally those that oppose water rights

3.   FOIA Request all County and State Officials for information related to letting the water out of Wickiup and other water reservoirs.

4.   Find out names of County/State public employees/officials/legislators in government who are actually approving and/or physically letting the water out of Wickiup reservoir.

5.   File Lawsuits against public officials for breach of oath of office to uphold US and OR Constitutions

6.   Stage Peaceful Non-Compliance Protests

7.   Post Billboards and other advertising supporting our cause

8.   Lobby State and National Representatives and Senators to Legislate solutions.

9.   Issue Ordinance that restricts water from being released from Wikiup and other reservoirs.

10  Marketing Campaign to change the Court of Public Opinion against the Endangered Species Act.

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