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July 22, 2022

What's Next?

People have asked me now that I lost to Tony DeBone in the Primary race for County Commissioner, "what's next?"

People have asked me now that I lost to Tony DeBone in the Primary race for County Commissioner (15,000 to 5,000) , "what's next?" There are many possibilities.

  1. Run against Phil Chang, the Communist Democrat County Commissioner whose position comes up in 2024.
  2. Run for a different political office.
  3. Serve as a Republican Party official.

Whatever God calls me to do, I will gladly follow. I learned much from the candidate run for Commissioner. I honestly feel if we had 30 more days to campaign, the race would have been really close. Maybe a nail biter. The more people who saw me and Tony speak in debates, the more they saw a stark difference of what real leadership is. Tony is a great guy. In my humble opinion, he is actually a career politician. When I speak, it's about what I will do as Commissioner. When Tony speaks, it's what he has done as Commissioner. And that list is paltry.

Running a Primary against an incumbent is almost impossible when the momentum is already on the side of the incumbent. So is the money. I spent over $15,000 of my own funds and raised about $10,000. Tony spent $19,000 on April 26th just in one campaign ad push. Furthermore, I am not really liked by the incumbent Republicans already in office because I embarrassed them in front of a large crowd with their failure to back Dallas Heard (Senate Minority Leader) when he decided to take off his mask during the ending of a legislative session. When you have that kind of opposition from your own Party, you're up against a Wall.

For now, you can see and talk to me in person almost every day in downtown Redmond at my new Food Trailer, The Kilted Kitchen. Hoping to place this at The Blacksmith Shop located on the SE corner of Evergreen and 4th Street first week in August. We will be serving Scottish comfort food. Vegans and Vegetarians need to apply. LOL 🤣

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